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The snake has held a special place in most prehistoric civilizations and ancient philosophies, the interpretations of the snake include fertility, recovery, wisdom, primary energy, protection, earth, secrecy, deception, rebirth and immortality, and on the other hand, it can mean enemy, an insidious enemy who tries to seduce and take advantage of you.

The snake has found a demonic place in ancient Iranian philosophies and mythology. The origin of the name of this animal may be the Sanskrit Mareh, which means killer, and the Avestan language, Meria, which means destroyer.

In the myth of Houshang's Battle with the Demonic Black Snake, despite Houshang's superiority, the snake is not killed and survives at the end of the myth. The fact that the snake was not killed in this myth and that Zahhāk-e Mārdoush (Zahhak the Snake Shoulder) was not killed in the myth of Fereydon indicates a common theme that appears in these two mythologies in different ways. In ancient Iranian culture, the snake is one of the symbols of immortality, endurance, and eternality.

These insights have been transformed in different historical periods, the search for fundamental changes that have occurred in the understanding of this archetype over the millennia is an indication of the instability of symbols and the possibility of change in their meanings over time.

One of the most important contemporary interpretations of this archetype in the field of psychology is fear and change. The snake is a sign that we are afraid of something in our life, or we are afraid of the changes that are about to happen in our life, the snake can be a symbol of anxiety-provoking, fear-based and tension-causing thoughts.

Nowadays, anxiety has become an obvious matter and an inseparable part of daily life, but over a long period of time, this tension causes deep abnormalities in humans, the most common of which are ADHD, bipolar disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder, specific phobia, dissociative disorder, personality-deterioration disorder, etc…

The purpose of this exhibition is to make the audience face their fears. Major and unsolvable fears in life. That maybe we are not aware of the presence of this great inner fear and even push it in our mind to a place (unconscious) where we no longer know the reason for these daily anxieties that we suffer, with the notion that if we all do not face our internal and immortal anxieties, how much they can grow and settle in our mental comfort zone and become a dragon without us realizing it, which will be a very difficult issue to deal with.

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