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Yafteh Gallery was established in 1401 in Tehran and has started its work in two exhibition spaces. One is the main gallery and the other is the swimming pool of the building, which has been converted into a display space. Yafteh Gallery is trying to build a bridge between art and other knowledge fields. The focus of this establishment is collaborating with artists who accept the challenge of research projects and present it in the form of a show. Yafteh team hopes to take a small step to show Iranian culture and art with the help of Iranian artists and researchers.

Yafteh Art Consulting

In addition to beauty, a work of art can be an inspiration; it can arouse the emotions of the viewer and can create dialogue. Buying a work of art is respecting the way of life of someone who has a different view than the majority of society and has chosen a harder path to live by. In addition to all these points, buying artwork in recent years is considered one of the most reliable investment methods.
One of the most important parts of buying an artwork is to buy a work that, in addition to loving it, is the right choice for investment, as well as being sure of its authenticity. Yafteh Gallery also provides all buyers with the option of consulting to buy from the entire Iranian art market, in addition to its own presented artists, so that they can easily find a work of art suitable to their taste.
SECONDARY MARKET in Iran is known as the master market and it is an opportunity to buy and sell the works of established artists whose works can be found in prestigious auctions and art fairs around the world, which is an attractive part for collectors and investors. In this market, the most important point is to buy the best works of master artists. We aim to find the best works of such artists and present them to the audience of this market.


It is very important to pay attention to what kind of artwork is suitable for a specific house and which can create a dialogue between its space and interior design.
In recent years, especially after the covid pandemic, attention to interior space has become more important and people have tried to improve their living standards in their homes or work environment. The right combination between all the components of a house and works of art makes the living environment of every person more pleasant and beautiful.
In interaction and cooperation with many architects and interior designers, as well as furniture designers and manufacturers, Yafteh Gallery tries to provide all these components for each audience according to their satisfaction.

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