| Eija-Liisa Ahtila

The several critical publications to emerge in the context of Conceptual art. It was an attempt  to show some of the changes in photography set into motion by artists from Warhol and Rauschenberg through to artists like Robert Smithson, Dan Graham, Richard Long, Sol LeWitt, Joseph Kosuth and Jan Dibbets to name a few..

Warhol and Rauschenberg through to artistslike Robert Smithson, Dan Graham, RichardLong, Sol LeWitt, Joseph Kosuth and JanDibbets to name.

WEija-Liisa Ahtila was born in Finland in 1959 She studied filmmaking at the London College of Printing, the University of Helsinki and at the  University of 

| Artist from Camus’s point of view

Camus insists that there is more to gain than there is to lose in the artist’s commitment to social justice: “To create today is to create dangerously. Any publication is an act, and that act exposes one to the passions of an age that forgives nothing. Hence the question is not to find out if this is or is not prejudicial to art. The question, for all those who cannot live without art and what it signifies, is merely to find out how, among the police forces of so many ideologies (how many churches, what solitude!), the strange liberty of creation is possible.”

| Yafteh Artists


Photographer | Born in 1993