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| (ME)nace/mory

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake shakes the city of Bam and its people at 5:26 a.m. on Friday, January 26, 2003. Hours later, a cultural heritage expert arrives Bam from Tehran. In addition to analyzing and examining the buildings and historical sites of the city, he uses an analog camera to photograph the remains of Bam; he captured many frames of ruins, people and nature. As if he captures life through the sorrow, misery and cries of the people. Life with hope, life with its endless and constant bitterness and sweetness. Years later (approximately 10 years) the forgotten negatives of this event are found in the basement of the photographer's paternal home. After photographic development, traces of acid and color, which are the result of the passage of time and chemical interactions, are imprinted on the negatives; beautiful and poetic traces of the colors’ attack on the frames captured years ago, traces of destruction that make the tiny opening of hope in the images of those days full of fear and worry even more beautiful.

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