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| Shaped

From the beginning, the formation process of elements has had an orderly structure. The earth and, later, nature have obtained this significant state based on the spatial and cultural identity of each geography. The place where you have stopped consists of intersecting walls and labyrinthine spaces that are supposed to be reminiscent of the placefulness and placelessness of caves, in other words, the cave in its usual shape, formed inside the earth, and the allegory of the cave as imaginary shadows that Plato developed. In the following collection, 19 works by 19 artists with different perspectives have been gathered. What brings all these pieces together can be summarized in a sentence: everything that has been formed in and on earth, every visible element or being is essentially on earth or is a mere shadow of its formation states in the heart of the earth. In these works, we are, sometimes, confronted with the representation of these elements, other times, the elements serve as an instrument in the hands of the artists to create the pieces, and there are times that we encounter both taking place. We observe this process of formation as a visible object. Perhaps, as Mulla Sadra believed that motion is constantly occurring in the essence of things and that the transformation in appearance and interior of those things is rooted in their essence and substance; roots in mental corpora through which when the rays of the light source do not pass, the bodies present shadows before our eyes which is perhaps the true essence of the corpora.

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