aaStudio Team - Ali & ReZa Amanzadegan

| Ali Chahar Mohali

Born in Khuzestan, Shushtar, Iran 1987

| Biography

Senior painting expert


| Professional Life

2014 group exhibition of Ahvaz Contemporary Arts Museum paintings

2012 group exhibition of new generation design Individual exhibition of Marashi house design,

2014 3rd place in the painting biennial of Khuzestan province,

2017 Second place in Khuzestan Province Biennial

2017 Participation in the 9th Fajr International Festival of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

2018 Selected by the International Green Film Festival. Saba Academy

2019 solo exhibition. A view of nature painting, Shevadon Gallery

2017, second place in Dezful International Human and Environment Festival

2018 solo exhibition. Dialogue painting, Shevadon Gallery

2018 group exhibition. Hayat painting, Shvadon Gallery Solo painting exhibition of people around Farmanfarma Gallery

2019 Art group show in the quarantine of Ivan gallery Chosen in Khor event and display of works on artsy and artnet platforms

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