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| Arezoo Zargar

Born in Tehran, Iran 1986

| Biography

Zahra Shafie studied graphics and painting and was born in 1986 in Tehran.

| Professional Life

After completing her M.Sc of geology, Arezu Zargar decided to take on a new experience in her life by learning art and combining it with what she had learned in the ontology of her field. She first started creating works of art with ceramics, but quickly turned to experimenting with other media such as installation, photography and environmental art. She graduated with a M.A in handicrafts to complete the process of creating art. In addition, she gained skills and attitudes in filmmaking as a producer in a number of documentaries and short movies of her husband. In her view, art has no boundaries for any artist, and it is enough to trust our inner sense to create a work of art, which requires accurate knowledge. For her, this happens through travel and experience among different people.

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