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| Amirhossein Akbari Alavijeh

Born in Tehran, Iran 1994

| Biography

Amirhossein Alavijeh has a master’s degree in Animation and a bachelor’s degree in Graphics.

| Professional Life

Toying with the idea of ​​implementing Iranian and Far Eastern Art thinking, He continued to study different eras. What was significant to him was the idea of ​​expanding the narrative based on the artist’s life concerns like a report of one’s life being spent. In addition, by extending the main idea, i.e. the growth and development of Iranian painting beyond the frequently followed frameworks, continuing the interrupted path of progressing the previous artists, advancing the logic of the narrative and its impact on the formation of visual aesthetics, and broadening his worldview based on these findings, he can experience a multifaceted competency in applying the idea of ​​defining the beauty of connection and the regular system of miniature painting, taking a step further in completing it with different methods to develop new ways of implementing it in the course of his evolution and experience.

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