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| Kamran Mehrad

Born in Tehran, Iran 1988

| Biography

Sculpture, Art University - Tehran

| Professional Life

In his artistic process, Kamran advances through his intuitive process. His transition from industrial design to sculpture was supervised by Master Naserian. A combination of Kamran's experiences and studies during his teenage years led him to build biological and mathematical structures. His sculptures are near the edge of industrial design, attracting a wide range of artists and craftsmen.

In order to create his works, Kamran uses a variety of mediums. During the ten years that he worked with Mohammadi, he specialized in casting and used this method to make his sculptures. Wood, iron, and ceramics are among his other mediums, and he has studied each separately.
"Streamed" is a collection of structures composed of wood, iron, bronze, and concrete, each of which is shaped in accordance with the description of the other, resulting in each having unique characteristics. In fact, a collection of these works have been assembled to express the collective movement conceptually and visually by showcasing the individual dimensions of a single work in a coherent and meaningful way.
There are two infinitives, two poles, and two points in the forming unit of this collection, which is the smallest component. The simplest form of communication in the world of images is the line connecting them.
Kamran describes the work he does:
I was thinking of the sculptures I’ve built and I witnessed how each of them has given rise to the other that I tried to prove the facts, what people were on. From my point of view, the sculpture is a creative element depicting the moment of formation which has an understanding of the concepts of presence, proof, and flow.
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