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| Babak Haghi

Born in Tabriz, Iran 1982

| Biography

Babak Haghi was born in 1982 in Tabriz, Iran. He started professional photography in 2013 and since then, besides fine art photography, He has also worked on theater and performance art photography.ahra Shafie studied graphics and painting and was born in 1986 in Tehran.

| Professional Life

Babak Haghi’s main concerns are dialect of body, femininity inside human and outbreak of identity with the use of photography and video art. During this time, identity and body dialect has been his major subjects in my different series. Dialect which does not require a language, dialect that if any human frees him/herself to the level of reaching subconscious, his/her body language will automatically speak. Body language can even be an expression of human’s hidden identity and this can be the reason to eliminate gendered borders and exhibit humans’ hidden (sexual) attractions. Photography of dance or any other body art, is his real passion. In other words, he is looking for the Anima inside anyone as Jung have talked about.

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