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| Calling All Angels – Zartosht Rahimi


Throughout history, it has been a common belief from ancient times to the present that angels are the links and intermediaries between the earthly realm and the throne of the Gods. An angel is a being within the human realm that possesses superior qualities, the most significant of which are wings, enabling the gods and angels to fly. From Hermes to Gabriel, in the History of Art, they have been depicted with large wings. This concept, rooted in the ancient human dream of flying, is present in almost all ancient religions and rituals, as well as in modern mythologies and narratives of superheroes.

Our common perception of angels with large wings is to some extent derived from the History of Art; from the prominent figures of ancient civilizations to the paintings in churches and illustrations, angels have been depicted with wings for flying, symbolizing their superiority over humans. Although celestial books consider humans to possess Free Will while angels lack it, signifying human superiority over angels. Perhaps this very notion has led us to create such an image of angels and Gods.

Zartosht Rahimi has also depicted angels detached from their historical and visual context, relying on references from Art History and mythology. Emphasizing the colorful lines of their figures and the chaotic, intertwined background, completely alters the symbolic positioning of angels. Rather than being connected to the heavens, these not-so-holy figures have become trapped in our imaginary world. Although these angels have wings to fly, it seems they are ensnared in a strange world, or perhaps lost. Like the modern human who, through science and technology, has conquered the world and achieved the dream of flying, but as he progressed, he found nothing but entanglement. Now, it seems he is in need of a superhero in the fantasized assembly of angels to depict the dream of tranquillity.

Zarvan Rouhbakhshan

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