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| Challenger Group

Saeed Mirzaei born in Tehran, Iran in 1985

Milad Nabizadeh born in Tehran, Iran in 1988

| Biography

In 1398 (2019-2020), Saeed Mirzaei and Milad Nabizadeh decided to form a group named "Challenger" to exhibit interdisciplinary art projects. They have undertaken various projects at Iran Shahr Gallery, the 8th Tehran Sculpture Biennial, Yafteh Art Gallery, collaborated with Chinese artist LiSA in the Ctrl+ exhibition, and also created independent works displayed in the streets.

The name "Challenger" refers to the second Orbital Space Shuttle of NASA, which disintegrated 73 seconds after liftoff, resulting in the loss of all crew members.

| Professional Life

“the monkeys fell in love”, Performance/Installation/Interactive Art, Iranshahr gallery, Tehran,

“Consumer value, exchange value”, 8th Tehran Sculpture Biennial, 2020

“Video art group Exhibition”,Yafteh gallery, Tehran,

“The colors are all disappeared because they haven't seen the sun”, Installation art, Yafteh gallery,Tehran,

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