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| Fariba Boroufar

Born in Tehran, Iran 1974

| Biography

She received a sculpturing diploma from Fine Arts School, a graphics BA from the Al-Zahra University, and MA in Illustration from the Art University of Tehran. .

| Professional Life

She is a weaver and fiber artist who was inspired by architecture art, The Iranian weaves are rooted in the ecological, social, and geographical culture and belief context, These items with practical use are based on the ecology of each region, her works based on the Iranian traditional architecture such as the weave art form some parts of her memories, and past. Her weaving method is Kilim-weaving produced by interweaving the warp and weft strands, to her, the weaving is relaxing and, fantastic similar to spiritual traditions. She attempts to create a new path for protecting architecture art and of course, weaving in the industrial modern world through her, weaves.

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