aaStudio Team - Ali & ReZa Amanzadegan

| Infertile Fields – Zahra Shafie


As a figurative painter, the human body has always been an important concern of mine, however, my view of the human body is not as an isolated figure, but rather something that is always related to its surroundings. The close relationship between humans and nature and the need to maintain this relationship led me to create a world in the upcoming collection where plants are a rich source of form and color and have a wide range of visual personalities, more than any other natural element in interaction or confrontation with humans. My world is a transition from reality to fantasy, and this path begins with my most tangible experience with plants, but just like the reality of life, this experience does not remain untouched and immune to the power of the mind. Gradually, plants give their place to human elements and symbols are born until a world appears in this imaginary universe where plants find human personality and characteristics.

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