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| Maryam Farhang

painter and poet based in Tehran. Born In Tehran, 1983.

| Biography

Maryam Farhang is a painter and poet based in Tehran. Her interests are in interacting with other artists and different mediums and in teaching as well.

| Professional Life

Between 2008 and 2010 one of the most important group exhibitions she took part was Meridian International Centre’s cultural event “Wishes And Dreams: Iran’s New Generation Emerges”, inaugurated in Washington D. C and running for two years throughout different states of the USA. In Tehran she used to work successfully with Afghan people on their creativity. 2020 she curated the virtual and physical exhibition for the International Women’s Day at SOO Contemporary Gallery Teheran and the film “Encounter”, supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Tehran. 2020 her book “Me and the Persimmon Tree” with 45 paintings and poems from her “Home”-series was published in Austria. 2021 she won the Styria-Artist-in-Residence-Scholarship Graz, Austria. 2022 she was mentor of Erasmus+ and Zagreb University, Graz and Zagreb. 2022 she had solo exhibitions in Schaumbad Graz and Transit-Galerie Graz. 2022 she started her studies at Ortweinschule, Graz, masterclass for painting and sculpture. 2023 her photographs and statement “About War” were published in Ausreisser-Magazin, Graz. The main concept of her works focuses on femininity and her role as a woman in life and society. M.F. Graz, March, 2023

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