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| Morteza Mottaghi

Born in Tehran, Iran 1981

| Biography

Morteza Mottaghi is a sculptor, painter and Cinema makeup artist(SFX) based in Tehran, Iran. He acquainted with sculpting and painting since his very young age within the Institute of intellectual development of children and young adults. He has received his Diploma of Visual Arts from SEDA VA SIMA School in 1998 and continued his education at Enghelab E Eslami College where he has received his Associate Degree of Arts in 2003.


| Professional Life

Morteza Mottaghi has extensively studied the theory and techniques required in production of precise technical plans, blueprints and 3D models. He masters various methods and mediums such as clay, wax, plaster, wood, metal, foam, resin, epoxies and synthetic polymers(silicone) in sculpture., human hair in his painting.

he has accepted his very first commissioned sculpture in 2004 and Hyperreal sculpture in 2006. Hyperrealism, the art form in which the artist has become specialist constitutes the main focus of his present works.

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