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| Savalan Jamati

Born in 1987 in Ardebin

| Biography

In 2000, he began learning calligraphy. He received his Diploma in graphic design from Shahryar vocational school. In 2007, he entered Shahed University to study painting. He continued his education and received his MA. In the meantime, he initiated his professional experiences by taking part in group and calligraphy painting exhibitions in Ardabil. He soon tried different experiences and continued his path in another direction. He then participated in over 10 group exhibitions and 4 solo painting and drawing exhibitions.

| Professional Life

He managed to achieve personal expression by mastering figurative drawing and classical painting techniques and relating these two approaches to his concerns. His last solo exhibition, “The Lost Narrative” was held in 2018 at Sareban gallery, curated by Foad Najmedin. Regardless of painting Dashbaba legends in Ardabil, he created an apocalyptic image. Savalan is now a constant member of the Iran Painting Association and at the same time an instructor of drawing and painting at the university and vocational school.

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