aaStudio Team - Ali & ReZa Amanzadegan

| The Scale Of Nth Factor

And now we are in a fundamental crisis that we have inherited from our ancestors. The ancestors who were not satisfied with the three dimensions of nature and in pursuit of moving above themselves to the cosmos and vice versa, by limiting time and space with counterfeit scales and rushed to build the fourth dimension and the self-made semiosphere. However, if he had realized the essence of his biosphere existence and seen that he himself is a part of the universe that constantly revolves around him, he would have realized there is no need for us to revolve at all. As an observer, we only need to choose our perspective and horizon, establish our installation or personal arrangement, and determine our presence in its continuity. In short, the modern man, who has realized the inadequacy of the ancient man's construction, is now faced with a fundamental dilemma: He must either "suspend" all the scales, or he himself must be "suspended"!

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