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| Ambiguities Arising from Events Before Today


Born and raised in the center of Iran, where various cultures intersect and numerous events unfold. As the recipient of awareness from this central position in the era of constitutionalism, it became dependent on the translation of the accomplishments of the Western world. He is like a refinery for products that are in line with current culture and needs.

Amin, the custodian of the translation era, is amazed by the knowledge of the modernist artists. He knows exactly where he is and what he wants. His works do not originate from our environment, but from within him. He processes colors, shapes, light and dark, as well as figures in his mind.
With his beautiful and perceptive mind, love, affection, and loss become inseparable parts of his blues. The embellishments and nobility that linger in his mind manifest as black in his solitary moments. Plants symbolizing growth are placed between the doors, oscillating between staying and leaving.
He portrays the human of our era. He is alone, and his preference for solitude is an integral part of him. His belief in miracles is demonstrated by lights that serve no practical purpose in illuminating a place. The human figures in his work are caught between the decision to stay or leave, and the sense of anticipation holds us in its grip.


"Jamshid Haghighat Shenas"


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