aaStudio Team - Ali & ReZa Amanzadegan

| Jee Jee Veejee


In this exhibition, we are faced with a context of belonging to storytelling and a perspective on the visual language of the distant East and the digitized world. The artist's attempt is to create a visual world that transcends the readily available and saturated resources of social networks for Iranian compatriots, serving as a catalyst to reveal this neglected act of thinking

. For the artist, the Iranian visuals serve as motivation to create a dialogue with other worlds by integrating these vast and intriguing realms.

Humor, irony, and satire are employed in all works in line with Iranian performative behaviors and traditions. In essence, you are encountered with a modern form of storytelling that makes time bearable against the sufferings of existence.

As French philosopher Paul Ricœur says, storytelling humanizes time itself.

“ Javid Ramezani ”


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