aaStudio Team - Ali & ReZa Amanzadegan

| We Could All Be A Simorgh


Iranian photographer and visual artist Babak Haghi invites us, in a new solo exhibition, to his powerful world of images that speak out their silences so vividly but calmly and so quietly but loudly. Persistent gazes of the artist behind the camera and those of his models in front of the camera attain as a result a meditative state of spiritual Permanence.

One finds in both classical and modern Persian literature the name of Simorgh, a mythical Persian bird. As early as 12th century an Iranian Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar writes about a pilgrim birds of the world in search of their king, as they have none. Each of those birds represent a human fault which prevents man from experiencing enlightenment. In the end that group of thirty birds find a dwelling place of Simorgh, a lake in which they see their own reflections. Simorgh is a metaphor for God in Sufi mysticism.

Milos Sofrenovic
Stage Director | Choreographer | Pedagogue | Writer

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